Raising The Bar

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The disappointment of being published in an encyclopedia

Hidden deep past the second page of search results for my maiden name is a reference to an entry I contributed to an encyclopedia of pseudoscience. My involvement in pseudoscience is fodder for another blog post. What I want to explore here was the impact of being published, and how that shaped my goal setting.

When I was growing up, owning a set of Encyclopedia Britannica was a badge of honour and a source of amazement. I didn’t have to go all the way to the library to get information about the amazing world we live in. I could simply flip through the pages of faux-leather bound volumes to get information about some semi obscure topic. This was a time when we still used catalogues of index cards to find books through the Dewey Decimal System. It was a land before you had a worldwide network of information a handheld computer that also lets you make phone calls. Continue reading “Raising The Bar”

Overtime: Will It Help Or Hurt Your Career?

Working overtime

Being Introduced to “Overtime”

I was first introduced to overtime at my first job out of university. It was a contract position with a decent starting salary, but no medical coverage and no vacation time. The only way for me to either earn money to cover additional expenses, or to get banked vacation time, was to work overtime.

A few months into my contract, they offered me a permanent full-time position that came with medical coverage and vacation days. Overtime became a careful option for me when my manager requested it from the team. I had to balance between my need for a bit of extra money and my need for time to feed my first love, stone-sculpting.

One week, I was asked to be available on-call for the weekend. They were frantically looking for someone on Thursday, and I offered to do it because I didn’t have plans and my co-workers had families to tend to.

A few weeks later, they again asked for someone to be on call–this time, making the request a few hours before the end of the day on Friday. I reluctantly agreed to help out again, wanting to be a team player.

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