Blog introduction

We start blogs, articles and books with an introduction, right? I suppose it’s a good a place as any.

This is actually my third blog. Both of the previous ones are no longer online, except perhaps deep in the bowels of The Internet Archive.

My first blog was a personal one I started before Facebook was a common tool for people to keep in touch with friends and family. Run on Geeklog, it was my first experience with building and hosting my own website.

My second blog featured commentary on visual arts and copyright law. I can’t remember if this one was run off WordPress or Drupal, but I do remember it capturing my attention much longer.

I stopped both blogs after they were no longer relevant. So why start another?

As I have progressed in my career, colleagues have increasingly asked me to mentor them to become or become better Business Analysts. I have worked with others, more informally, on skills to get a job or a better one. Recently, I have also begun having conversations about leadership (not management), what it means to people and what makes an effective leader.

Journaling has always been an activity I enjoy, and my thought now is to combine that, publically, with some of these conversations I’m having on career, leadership and analytical skills. My intent is to share my own experiences and perspectives, with the hope that others can see how everyday people can accomplish great things.

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